Grammarly Student Discount and Coupon Code 2021

In this post, I am going to share an exclusive Grammarly student discount and coupon code so you can use our special discount offer to save money and utilize it in buying other blogging stuff. If you find this article helpful, please do share with your buddies.

Whether you’re a student, writer, blogger or anyone else who write contents, it’s essential to proofread them before publishing on your blog or submitting your assignments. Here’s when Grammarly comes in to solve your proofreading hurdle. It’s world best grammar, spelling, punctuation checker tool that check your writings with more than 400 plus grammar rules and suggest correction which needs to FIX.

Along with these functionalities, it has the best plagiarism checking feature, which makes it sure that your article is unique, your work is fresh and you have not copied anyone else data. In case, it’s not unique or published before somewhere else, and it shows the citation of the source.

Grammarly team has won a lot of awards due to their outstanding performance and abilities to make your articles mistakes free. That is why I am using it right now and also bought annual subscription at grammarly discount offer which was given by them months ago 🙂

This article to help you buy a grammarly premium subscription at the lowest price by using our Grammarly Discount or Promo Code to help you save some bucks. Because without discount, its little bit costly and new blogger cannot afford it when they very low-income budget.

Let’s talk about the features you will get when you buy its premium plan. Though they also offer Grammarly free service but it is very limited, and you can’t use advanced features such as Plagiarism checking, Vocabulary enhancement, Advanced grammar correction, etc.

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2021’s Grammarly Features Which Can Help you Write Error-Free Articles

It is one of the best and simplest proofreading tools I have ever used, it has lots of features, lets put some light on its best features that I loved and everyone should know before buying the premium membership.

Plagiarism Detection to Find Duplicate Contents

When it comes to blogging and write articles, getting copied by someone is one of the biggest issues. You cannot stop others to steal your content. All you can do is, check your content before publishing it. You just post unique and new stuff. Google knows everything if someone will copy your content and post it on their blog, believe me, they will never get rank in Google SERP.

Grammarly’s Plagiarism is the best way to make your stuff unique and fresh. Just enable its plagiarism checking features and it will check everything by itself from more than 8 billion web pages. I just love this feature, and it helped me many times checking guest post that I usually received from other bloggers.

Grammar and Spelling Checking

When writing articles, we made many spelling and grammar mistakes. Often while proofreading we fix them, but sometimes our eyes ignore some errors. It happened many times, that is why I LOVE Grammarly. It helps us to make articles spelling and grammatical errors free.

Grammarly checks your posts hiddenly and addresses every single mistake which needs to be FIX. There are many grammar and spelling free tools available online. But they waste your time because you have to copy-paste your content into those grammar tools to check mistakes. But with Grammarly, all you have to do is install its browser extension, and you’re ready to go.

Sentence Structure and Style Suggestions

A poor written and difficult to read/understand sentence can create hurdles for your readers to read it. And when a sentence is hard to read then how someone can understand it? Am I right? You should double check that your article is readable by midcourse because not every visitors on your blog will have a master degree 🙂

Grammarly suggests and notifies when a sentence needs to be re-write or, at least, need some modifications. Beside Structure, it also addresses sentence style errors. Both features are essential for bloggers, writers, and students.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Its vocabulary enhancement feature helps you cut off the repeated words from your article and blog posts. If a word is written many times in your contents, it will suggest some synonyms or alternatives for that word. So, you can replace it with others having the same meanings.

You can utilize this feature to increase your vocabulary very efficiently. By using this best proofreader tool, just double click on any word to find its alternative words. It’s so easy to use.

So, these are some of the best features that I love and recommend. Everyone who writes article and blog posts as well as students to make their academy work mistakes free.

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Grammarly Plans Pricing

Grammarly Discount Plan Prices 2018

There are three different plans, choose as per your requirement. But, I recommend Anual plan because it saves you a lot of money.

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If you are a techie guy, I am pretty sure you will buy the premium subscription without facing any problem as steps are easy to follow. Just click on the below button to grab your grammarly discount and fill all the required information. It will take a couple of minutes.